Brain Sync

 A Primitive Reflex Integration Program

LCpPF022a Babies are born with reflexes, involuntary movements that help them survive their birth and first year of life. By the time they reach 1 year, nearly all the reflexes are replaced by voluntary movement. When the reflexes are still present after 1 year of age, they have detrimental effects on the child’s development. When the child is a toddler the effects will be seen as difficulties with gross motor skills such as running, jumping and hopping. When the child reaches school age, the effects are much more significant, impacting the child’s learning, math and reading skills, coordination and social skills. If your child seems behind other children in certain activities and academics help them reach their full potential by learning more about Brain Sync.

Below is a partial list of possible symptoms observed in a child when a  primitive reflex is still present:

Difficulty Reading


Problems Throwing or Catching

No Established Hand Preference

Difficulty Riding a Bicycle or Swimming

Vision Problems

Memory Challenges

Poor Balance

Difficulty Recognizing Social Cues

Poor Space and Time Awareness

Motion Sickness

Fear of Heights

Poor Organizational Skills

Number or Letter Reversal

Avoids Sports, Dislikes Gym Class



Brain Sync is a 15 week program that consists of:

A screening that identifies whether your child has any of the “big five” reflexes still present.

A home exercise program that is specific to your child’s reflexes.

A 45 minute, once a week group class, run by two physical therapists and student volunteers.

The home exercise program is designed to replace the reflexes with more typical, voluntary movements.

The class is designed to help improve any balance, coordination and vision problems that were produced by the abnormal reflexes.

Brain Sync takes place on Saturday mornings in the office of South Shore Pediatric Physical Therapy in Bellmore, New York.

The cost of the 15 week program is $500.

The therapists at Brain Sync invite you to learn more about primitive reflexes and about each of the “big five” reflexes: ATNR, STNR, TLR, Moro and Spinal Galant.

For more information or to schedule a screening you can contact us by email or phone:

(516) 375-2094 or (516) 804-5614.